Vocabulary : Word a day


Common sense, Horse sense

“Mr Walters hoped that at least one of his young sales clerks would have the gumption to apply for the vacant sales manager position.”


A large number

“Daniel regularly receives a slew of clothing catalog as part of his junk mail.”


A poorly clothed often dirty child, A ragged often disreputable person

While walking out of airport, Bradley was surrounded by ragamuffins underfoot offering to hold his luggage in exchange for a small donation.


Take away, remove, to take back

Following a hearing from Atomic Energy Commission in 1954, Oppenheimer’s security clearance was rescinded.


_To form an idea or conception of _

John first ideated his vision of water garden for his backyard after he went on a sightseeing tour of water fountains in Kansas city.


A person of slender and elegant

She looks svelte in her new dress.


Award, Expression of praise

The movies special effect have drawn accolades from both fans and critics


Critical judge in matters of art or taste.

Professor Trump is a connoisseur of African ceremonial masks.